Clip for SLR straps? Need easy removal when necessary.

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Re: Clip for SLR straps? Need easy removal when necessary.

Sailor Blue wrote:

To prevent the O-Ring scratching the camera body I cut a circle of rubber from a motorcycle inner tube, put a slit through it, pressed it over the camera strap loop and then threaded the O-Ring onto the camera strap loop. You could use thin soft leather just as well.

I've used split rings through the lugs on my camera body and although they work well, they have scratched the camera body. I've been trying to figure out a solution to avoid this for a while.

I'm having a hard time visualising what you have done. I don't quite understand how you are getting the piece of rubber to stay in place. I'm sure I'm just being really dense but is there any chance you could post a picture or even do a simple diagram of your solution. I'd really appreciate it because I've been after something to protect my camera body from the split rings doing any further damage.

Thank you

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