K20D- Is it just me?

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Re: K20D- Is it just me?

jamesm007 wrote:

I was looking at a magazine in my Doctors office I saw a bunch of really nice pics for a photo-contest. The pics were superb. Then I read it was a cellphone camera contest and I fell off his chair I really could not believe what I was seeing. In the contest they stated this proves its not the camera but the person behind the camera that determines the quality or artistic worth of a photo. IMO there is also a certain quality level for color pics. All P/S of today exceed that quality level.

That's true up to a point, James - but only up to a point. If the nature of the scene is within the capability of the gear used - not excessive contrast, not very wide or very distant etc - then a good photographer can get a good photo with any camera. Where the more advanced cameras win is when the scene gets more tricky.

This is true all the way up the line: most of the time (as we read in many threads) an APS-C camera produces results as good as FF; FF usually can produce results as good as MF. But the best MF beats the best FF beats the best APS-C beats the best P&S.

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