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Re: amazing in the wrong direction.

What this boils down to is you took a shot from the wrong angle and probably at the wrong time of day that you want to make into an interesting image which you'd like to do by recovering blocked shadows. I'm confident Hans could make your image presentatable but it will never be a great capture because the light was just not good and adds nothing to the scene. It's a boring landscape that should be in the "C" bin and maybe it is for you and that's why you can't find the RAW file.

It's an example to support your case but it's a poor capture and that's the point. You can't expect to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear but that's precisely what many of you want to do. Good photography still requres planning, skill, patience and good fortune and to be at the proper angle to the light at the right time (they don't call it the "golden hour" for nothing). It ain't easy but I think that's what people like you want. You want to make uninteresting shots taken in poor light great photographs and it just isn't going to happen.


bobn2 wrote:

Hans Kruse wrote:

Are you afraid that I will prove you wrong?

No, you won't prove me wrong whatever you do, which is why there is no point digging out the raw and all the rest. You might well show that you could make a better job with the picture than I can, but that isn't the point being discussed. the point is that the DR in that image has resulted in a raw with both blown highlights and plugged shadows. Bothe of those things can, to an extent, be repaired and reconstructed, should you have the time and skill, but if they weren't lost in the first place, you wouldn't need the time and skill.

You still have not come with a convincing argument that lifting exposure in pp 6 stops should be necessary at any point.

Not convincing to you, but then there never would have been an argument to convince you. I have shown a perfectly normal landscape scene where the scene DR exceeded that which the camera could capture. That's enough. It wasn't an extreme scene, and there are plenty more with a good few stops more. You chose to divert the simple fact of scene DR first into a discussion of 'optimum exposure' and then into one of PP skills. So, you are not one who wants a camera with extended DR. So be it, but there are plenty who do want that.

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