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Re: Been trying out the X10...

porop41 wrote:

danny_only wrote:

I will inform other people about the X-10 ORBS problem before selling it and tell them about the possible fix. I will not tell them not to worry about the ORBS problem for the new sensor may not able to solve the problem.

Buy mine, it's just 2 weeks old, no scratches, 2 years warranty. Here you can find some sample shots :

Don't worry about the orbs . . .

Thanks, I'm new in this forum so apologize if I addressed my post to you instead of Amin.

This is internet, so no need to apologize.

I'm aware of this orb issue now but I was not aware when I bought it. I just went into the shop a I wanted to buy a small, compact camera for my motorbike trips. I know now that I made a mistake when I choosed this before I checked the reviews.

I feel sorry for you. You are not the only one, I guess. The ORBS problem is getting popular in local large camera forum after Fuji announced sensor replacement not long ago. Before, not that many people mentioned white ORBS problem in that site (, I was surprised about that.

Which annoys me is how Fujifilm Hungary handles the problem. They say that the camera is great, works within the prescribed tolerances, we will notify you when we have updates.

I guess it is a Fuji Global Action, so they will replace the sensor for you. Actually, no need to wait until May to tell whether need sensor will not, I think Fuji will start a new series of serial number to distinquish X-10 with new sensor from the old X-10. May be in late April, new X-10 users will report their X-10 has no ORBS (still remains to be seen).

I just want my money back as I just don't want to wait till May. I'm not interested how Fuji solves this sensor issue I just need a cam whatever the brand is just to take shots without any image processing problems.

Oh... you should try your local camera forums for fast return of money, but I suggest you tell the folks about the ORBS problem and sensor replacement before selling it to him (or her). You don't want folk buying your X-10 suffers like you are now right? It is best to wait other new X-10 owners report new sensor works well, then sell it, you get back more money and you will have a happy customer. You may even change your mind, keeping it.

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