Help me decide - Mongolia, Morocco, Argentina or ?????

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Help me decide - Mongolia, Morocco, Argentina or ?????

I am 62 years old and have never been out of North America. I've always dreamed of traveling the world, but I've been a family man and working stiff, so never could do so.

Recently, my wife was tragically killed in a car accident and my business has ended from the poor economy. I've lost my home, my job and my wife. My kids are worried about me, so they've banded together and agreed to send me on the trip of my dreams.

I should be happy, but the guilt over this (they can't afford it either) is incredible. But the sorrow in their eyes when I tried to decline, well, I'm going on a trip whether I like it or not.
So, with that awful preamble..... Where do I go???

I love nature and wilderness. And cultural differences, including architecture. I'm not very excited about museums or shopping or beaches. I will admit to disliking fish, lamb, goats, etc., so food is something I will just have to get through the best I can anywhere I go.

I've narrowed it down to Mongolia, Argentina/Chile, or Spain/Morocco. I'm also very interested in Australia, but concerned about the vast expanse (will I spend all the time in a plane?). Also, New Zealand. And Turkey. The truth is, I'd love to go everywhere, so this is very difficult to decide!

The trip is expected to be about 10-14 days. Public transportation once in the destination is important to me (but not my kids who will accompany me).
Here are my thoughts so far:

1. Mongolia - wilderness and exotic; probably route through Moscow. Just very different to anything I've ever experienced; most expensive trip probably.

2. Chile/Argentina - has everything from historic Colonial towns to sophisticated cities to beautiful nature parks and wilderness; good bus system; probably least expensive trip; only downside is it is the least 'exotic', which disappoints my kids.

3. Spain/Morocco - get to see touch of Europe and Africa, lots of cultural sights and history, love to see Berber villages in Morocco, have read that photographing people can be very sensitive.

4. Turkey - seems very beautiful and historically significant country; people I've met from Turkey have been incredibly friendly; I think it is more expensive.

5. New Zealand - has the nature and wilderness I love, compact enough to work for short trip, perhaps not too exotic

6. Australia - I've always wanted to travel through Australia, but I'm concerned about its vast size and the short trip length. Perhaps Tasmania?

I've bared my soul here to get your help and insights. Please help!

Also posted in Olympus forum.

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