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Re: NEX OVERHEATING: People knew about this?

Vaughn T.Winfree wrote:

Not to counter what the O.P. is trying to accomplish, but I can't imagine me ever wanting to shoot long clips with the NEX-7 anyway.

Short clips might be fine in some instances, but not if you are shooting a performances with one camera. Nor can you shoot all sports events in short clips, unless you know in advance when the key moves (or contested fouls) will occur, or unless you need only capture Junior's turn at bat.

In late 2010, some people who bought the a70 or a55 reported a heating issue when shooting video. However, Sony later suggested (vaguely, it's true) that subsequent models might have better thermal behavior.

I put together clips from 10seconds to 30 seconds changing up the scene often to make the video more interesting to watch.. For me, watching one continuous video for 30 minutes is boring.

Perhaps an edited work can be cut to 30 minutes or less, but which debate participants do you delete or reduce to soundbites? What if your camera needed a time-out when the CEO reaches the crescendo of his address? In any case, sometimes the selection process (deciding what to toss on cutting room floor) must occur after the shooting.

If I actually did have to records a long video, I truly would have to consider getting a video camera...

Sony could at least have inserted a caveat in the manual, as it did with the first generation of alphas with video.

I hope I never have to worry about that as I do like the short clips better and I am sure the NEX-7 will handle that just fine.... I am simply not worried if the NEX-7 can shoot a 30 minute video.

You hope not or, now that you know you can't, will not even try?

Some people buy the NEX cameras precisely because they dream of using the narrow DOF effect in video. Unfortunately, this tends to be useful ONLY in staged situations where the action is at a particular known distance. For most sub-Hollywood folks, this is likely to be the high school band symphony, a wedding, or the graduation ceremony, which by nature demands shots of long duration.

Meanwhile, one wonders if the much-maligned VG-20 is immune from the heat problem, perhaps due to a better heat sink, or not. Similarly, one wonders if the m4/3 models, with their smaller sensors, also allow for a longer maximum shoot time.

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