Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

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Re: Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

RobertSigmund wrote:

The joy of having invaded Afghanistan used to be greater not so long ago:

That said, I admit: I have not heard from Mr. Todie for some time now. Maybe he has a new nom de plume?

One of the little known facts of Afghanistan is that prior to 9/11 we saved the Taliban from invasion from Iran. The Taliban massacred 24 or so Iranian nationals, and Iran was threatening invasion. Thanks to our support, we forced Iran to back down. In fact we were one of the last countries in the world to break relations with them. They were exactly the kind of regime we liked to support - "Tame Fundamentalists." Of course it turns out they weren't "tame." They admired bin Laden and his whacked out version of Islam was just peachy with them.

Thus 9/11.

The policy of backing Fundamentalism, as long as we could control it, has been a bi-partisan policy for the last 60 years. The theory being that it beats Communism.

Surprise, surprise -

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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