Oh no; another a57 vs a65 thread...

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Michael Foran Junior Member • Posts: 36
Re: Oh no; another a57 vs a65 thread...

I own an A77 and I think I am in a similar situation as yourself. I'm an avid hobbyist exploring photography of all sorts, but most of the pictures I take are of my family. I usually use a similar main lens to the one you are considering, a Tamron 2.8 17-50mm.

One thing I like about the A77 (and the A65 shares this feature) is that the high resolution sensor allows for a nice crop factor. While it's always better to compose in camera, sometimes I am in a situation where I want a nice close up but the Tammy isn't long enough and I don't have ability to swap lenses. With a 24MP sensor I really have a lot of room to crop into the image and still have enough resolution for a usable photo. My previous camera, a Sony A350, had a 14MP sensor, which for most shots was fine (and had much lower drive space requirements) but I was more limited when I wanted heavy cropping.

Secondly, I will agree that if you are shooting kids indoors you would be very well served to get an external flash. High ISO's and low noise only get you so far. Eventually your quality of light just stinks and proper use of flash will not only freeze action but give your scene clarity, volume and depth. The Sony ones are nice because of the built in wireless sync allow you to easily take the flash off the camera and set it up in the room somewhere. Both the a65 and the a57 have infrared wireless sync.

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