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Re: D700 eBay PayPal dispute

This person obviously just discovered the newly revealed D800 and is trying to make up some crap to get their money back when they could just as easily resell it themselves.

I always buy and sell my cameras and lenses on eBay with no problems. The people in the "Googled horror stories" are actually all the idiots who don't read instructions and then blame the system or the person.

Also if their is an option and they side with the liar make sure to open a mail fraud case against them and let them know.

Purple3d wrote:

Little update.

No update from the buyer in response to my PayPal dispute.

I rang PayPal and got there advice on the situation.

The buyer said

"I have taken several photographs using the camera and the auto focus seems to have a fault, as the quality is not as expected from that which is described of a Nikon D700"

He fails to say in this post that he wants to get a d800 instead.

PayPal said that unless the buyer puts down some better evidence of what's wrong they said you supplied him with a d700 and he got a d700. She said which I really like the d700 is a high end professional camera has he set it up properly.

She then added the eBay return request saying that he wants to get a d800 to the case file.

I stated that I'm not a shop where he can just try it and send it back as I have no idea what he's doing with the camera right now.

So on the upside my conversation with PayPal was all documented and added to the claim. So a bit of reasurance hopefully!!

To answer some of the other comments so far yes the item had £2000 insurance on the item. If there was damage done the buyer should of stated this on the receipt of the item.

I think it would be difficult to break just the autofocus. Without damaging more of the camera.

I feel like saying to the user has he put the auto focus selection on s and not stuck in the middle but really can't be bothered to explain to someone how to use a camera!!

I think the restocking option of 10% is a good idea. The camera sold for £1360 so it would be nice to think that it should sell for that again but sometimes eBay prices vary quite heavily!!

Let's see how it plays out will keep you all posted!!

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