Exactly who truly needs a 36MP DSLR?

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Re: Exactly who truly needs a 36MP DSLR?

ReoFlex wrote:

And how many photographers— Enthusiasts, Semi's and Pro's really need a 36MP DSLR.

Need is the wrong word. People just WANT a camera with a big pixel count, even though they don't need one. It is well known that cameras with more pixels sell better. Therefore it is marketing more than need that has resulted in the megapixel race. It is gratifying to see Nikon and Canon both put a halt to the megapixel race with the D4, 5DIII and 1DX. Image quality is not just lines per mm. Dynamic range, noise and tonal range are also important. Besides, diffraction and lens aberrations limit the resolution of the final image, so that adding more pixels to the 35mm sensor beyond 36mp will not result in sharper images. The D800 is at the upper limit of resolution of the full frame sensor. More pixels will adversely affect noise and dynamic range without improving resolution.

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