D90 still a viable option

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Re: D90 still a viable option

Brev00 wrote:

I agree. The D90 is a great camera. I find that Nikon has not replaced and upgraded the D90, Instead, they brought out one new camera on two different levels: the D5100 and the D7000. Which is great, in a way. It gives the customer two different ways to get similar image quality. But, it leaves the person who wants all the features of the D90 without so many more bells and whistles in the dust. But, I can't complain. I have what I need for now and the foreseeable future. When I actually need a new camera, I have no idea what will be on the market at that time.

There is a pretty big gap D5100 to D7000 well it's a huge gap really in terms of features and functionality.

Said before a D90s would go down a treat but I doubt it will happen. Maybe the D7000 will drop down in price to fill the D90 place. Not happening right now though

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