Interesting article re: D3s vs D4

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Re: Interesting article re: D3s vs D4

Their conclusion about one single thing, high ISO SNR. Which isn't a aspect of performance I was talking about.

Yes, we're talking about the same review, and no, I don't think AF tracking or metering is really tested here. The subject is almost static, the DOF deep and the lighting doesn't change. These shots could've just as well been taken with a M9 using trap-focus and manual exposure. If I'm not mistaken, DigitalRev has taken similar action shots with mirrorless cameras in previous reviews, as they really don't require a camera of the caliber of a D4.

EDIT: Found the video I was talking about:

Not only is he using a mirrorless camera, he's using a manual focus lens on it, and the action is more dynamic than what he shot with the D4. And the camera lacks any kind of fast manual focus aid like a optical rangefinder or focus peaking.

Absolutic wrote:

They may not be the most serious, yet their conclusions align with Mansurovs which is quite serious. RE: testing AF tracking and metering, are you sure we are talking about the same video review:

Metering and AF Tracking is tested there. If you are talking about 3D Tracking, then you are right.

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