Dynamic Range (Bill Claff): d3s-d4-d800e-5d3

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This goes back to the D300

Marius D wrote:

As I remember, Nikon has a habit to cut analog levels right below the noise floor. I guess they are doing this by adjusting the line amplifier with a negative voltage offset on input. This way, analog signal excursion at ADC input is limited to a range containing only a part of noise spectrum. They save 1-2 bits of ADC resolution by using them to digitize "effective" signal instead of "noisy" deep blacks.

This was seen in the D300. It's not evident in the D3 series.

In D3s, D3 and D700, after maximum analog gain is reached, having nothing to lose, they raise the black cut level at maximum available value (probably in 2-3 intermediate steps), creating an important shift of ADC analog input domain.

We're not talking about shadow noise, here. This is an effect on high signal values.

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