My Sonystyle USA buying experience

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Re: Amazon has it right now

Jay A wrote:

Not exactly sure what you expected them to do!

It is your paypal account, did it not occur to you that something was on the verge of expiration? How is Sony supposed to know that? Did you expect them to have checked everyone's account from time to time during the order process to find out which ones might expire when time for shipment comes? Did you expect them to process your orde even though your account expired?

They tried to process your order but there was an expiration date. Others had placed orders as well. Please accept the fact that you as a consumer have some responsibility too. They have asked you to reorder and will ship one to you as soon as they can. Frankly what happened wasn't their fault. What else can the realistically do?

Just want to know how many of you know that Paypal has a 3 months authorization expiry. I don't know that. This time the expiry is due to Sony's very late delivery, I did not de-authorized the payment at my side.

The complaint is: I called and asked them to re-install my original order which I have been waiting for 4 months, they refused. This mean they just don't care, is it a good attitude of a seller whose delivery was late for 4 months?

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