***Mini Challenge 320 - "B&W at its best"*** - Winners

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***Mini Challenge 320 - "B&W at its best"*** - Winners

Greetings to everyone!

I went through all the shots and was really amazed by several of the shots. Then I filtered out 41 of my favourites out and started to look them more closely. Even after several views, I could not manage to narrow the results very well. There were such an excellent shots so judging them by myself may not be correct way in any case.

Anyway, I managed to get a whopping 14 HM's and a few winners, here they are:

Categorized HM's goes to:


Edward In Toronto; this shot really reminds me about the usage of B&W in emphasizing something in the middle of a busy scene. I can think about the shot in colour and you may be distracted from seeing the expressions on their face before the race starts.

highpriest; excellent shot of the street musicians, really concentrates the viewer's eyes into the scene, well handled dof so that the musicians remain sharp even in an angle


borderrose; this certailny looks like a personal shot, it resembles the title well, "Who'll remeber me". Somehow a strong shot with all the shadows and tombstones

shutterbug nut; what a great atmosphere in this one, you can feel the calmness of the dancers when they are moving slowly and almost silently. Their faces are nicely lit even thinking about the quite dark place to shoot I presume

Mohit Arora; ohhhh....such a cute little Daughter you have, and those eyes, aren't they cute or what Brings a smile to your face everytime you look at

highpriest; this is a wonderful and cheerful shot which is nicely simplified by desaturation, you just get the right feeling with B&W for shots like this


Wilba's forks is an great sample from "keep it simple" thinking, technically excellent and nice dof control as you can expect from Wilba


I tried to choose Oilman's last shot as HM one, but cannot see it anymore... In that one the sky reflected with water surface together to form a contrasty scenery from lakeside, really likes that one!

HSC4711; I can imagine that choosing from those samples is difficult, there were some amazing shots outside the challenge ones! I chose this one because there are many layers in this shot, lot af things to see and a wide view. Definetly could hang to the wall this one

atimmermann88; strong lines from the tree trunks in this one, like it a lot

RaYoung; you really should do more B&W! You had some great samples to show us. This Cathedral shot almost needs a story behind it, the old Gentleman going to Church on Sunday morning when noone else in walking on the busy streets of Moscow... Great capture!

Lionel Johnson; well suited one for B&W theme, the "checkers" on the floor looks really nice!

Martin Ocando; very photographic place you have found, lot's of details in the shot, and I had to look twice to see the title's persons If only the car would have been from '50 or '60 it would have been even better shot

Then there has to be a category "Winner outside of contest" , this place goes to englishman and the one he mentioned that his wife wanted to change the picture. Shame on to the Wife Ok, enough joking... Those shots you posted were really great ones, but the feeling in this particular one hit me with a hammer. You'll be looking at this on after years and years again. If it only would have been in the contest I might have chosen it as the winning one...

And then finally to the information you have waited if you were patient enough to read my novel so far:


3rd Place, it's a tie between Jim Cassatt & Jim Cassatt

Sorry Jim, but I was not able to figure out which of these was the better one, so I decided to make it a tie. Strong shots both, one with persons sitting has great intimate feeling and other one with the remarkable building is a strong architectural shot.

2nd place, greg1701

Very exceptional shot! Had to look many times to figure out what is in it! Creative usage of B&W, me like!!

1st place, Nectar D Or

Sorry everyone, I just had to choose Nectar's shot as winning one despite the fact that he hosted the previous Challenge. I fought against myself on what to do with the Winner, but Nectar's shot was so perfect that there was nothing to do... To me the shot itself is the most important, not how Challenge's and how they should be kept up.

Perfect composition, very good PP, gorgeuos model, intimate feeling... What more can you want for a great portrait!

Nectar, if you feel that you are not willing to host another Challenge (almost)

in a row, feel free to pass the baton to the next one. I'm not against you hosting in the next one, but it's your call!

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