EF-S 17-55 Priced Too High?

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Re: EF-S 17-55 Priced Too High?

Depends on if you view its price performance within the Canikon DSLR bubble, it is well-priced because it offers decent speed and decent stabilization with the ability to be paired with a Rebel body with a decent sensor, etc. Nikon doesn't even have an equivalent, the Sigmas are good but you play AF lottery.

Expand your horizons a bit and throw the OMD-E5 + Oly 45mm 1.8 into the mix at $400 retail and you realize they offer a faster prime that is also stabilized with excellent optics and much smaller package and weight! Its also much smaller without any zoom barrel, etc so I'd expect it to have less issues with sucking up dust or sand in the long run as well, etc.

I bought a perfect copy 17-55 with absolute spot-on AF for less than most used market pricing and still think about the fact that selling this lens puts me 8/10ths of the way towards buying the OMD (and of course I'd need to buy lens there too as well, but still).

So in the Canikon world where you ignore any meddling upstarts such as MFTs, etc its still a great buy...but it seems to me that things are about to change.

Remember one of the reasons I and others value the 17-55 2.8 so much is besides its constant 2.8 and its stabilized which none of the other alternative primes at the 50mm range are. This is not an issue with the Oly however with their in body stabilization.

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