EF-S 17-55 Priced Too High?

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Re: EF-S 17-55 Priced Too High?

theatrus wrote:

Considering that the 24-70 f/2.8 II (the closest full frame alternative) is running $2300, I would consider the 17-55 comparatively priced.

Actually, the closest Full Frame alternative is the EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM. The 24-105 on FF has:

  • better focal length range (17-55 only equivalent to 27-88 mm)

  • better DoF control 1: small 1/3 stop difference when using equivalent focal lengths: the 17-55 DoF is equiv. to f/4.5 27-88 mm on FF

  • better DoF control 2: almost "a stop" larger maximum aperture at longest focal length for shallowest portrait DoF (105mm f/4 = 26.3 mm vs 55mm f/2.8 = 19.6 mm)

  • better flare resistance

  • better bokeh

  • slightly better build

  • weather sealed

  • usually less expensive when bought as a kit lens

  • comes with lens hood, soft pouch and reassuring red ring

Both lenses are sharp. They are pretty much the same size. Both have the same generation IS and USM. The FF noise advantage takes care of the apparent one stop difference in lens speed. As for AF, I don't know the 17-55 well enough to comment on that, but the 24-105 nails it every single time on my 5D and 5D2 bodies so I guess the 17-55 can't be much better than that. AF is fast with both lenses. Because magnification is smaller on FF viewfinders there is no significant difference in VF brightness (at least not when using the standard focusing screen).

As to why the 17-55 is more expensive than the 24-105, my guess would be that it needs to be a more radical rectrofocus design than the 24-105. Perhaps that makes keeping high IQ more difficult and expensive. I don't know.

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