UWA rediculousness

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Re: UWA rediculousness

4) 17-35 (old faithful) - Giving up a little IQ, but have the 2.8, great build, great focal range, and that comfort level you have when, you know, you've already been there...

5) Urinate in the gas tank of every Nikon executive's cars until they make me a superb 14-35. While they are at it, they can make it a 12-35, throw in VR, and do my laundry.

4 and 5

This is exactly what i did, it's really annoying either way. The 14-24 is stellar but i need up-to 35mm, the 17-35 is not so hot at 17mm, but great from 20mm onwards.
Filters argh....

Had the 24-70 not impressed with the two copies i had at the 24mm end.

So in the end settled back to 17-35, which may or may not get an upgrade in the future to Nano etc.

Good luck with the OCD, I'm happy to be back with my workhorse lens that almost does it all

Now just need to stop lusting over 24 1.4
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