Olympus future Telephoto m4/3 lenses opinions

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Olympus future Telephoto m4/3 lenses opinions

Ok now with the OMD E-M5 with it's DSLR style and optional grip and the 5-axis I.B.I.S. it's going to be easier to use longer telephoto lenses hand held. I should add that the smaller size and lower weight of these future m4/3 telephoto lenses from Olympus will be a great blessing for all of us who want these longer lenses.

Fow now a 200mm f/4, 300mm f/4, 400mm f/4 and 500mm f/5.6 are I think a good place to start. Especially since we can use ISO800 along with the new 5-axis I.B.I.S for hand holding. The birders and sports photographers will love this.

Once it gathers momentum that would be a good time for Olympus to roll out faster lenses such as an 200mm f/2 and a 300mm f/2.8 and hopefully a 500mm f/4. These will be expensive no qurestion about it. But most of could afford the f/4 and f/5.6 versions. Then also we could affor at least one of the fast lenses like the 200mm f/2 and 300mm f/2.8.

I am lucky enough to own 2 very usefull Sigma Supertelephoto lenses the 800mm f/5.6 APO AF (13.5 lbs.) and the 500mm f/4.5 APO AF. However the 800mm is a Heacy Duty Air suspension tripod only lens. But the 500mm can be used with a good monopod like my Manfrotto 3232 which has a step tab on the bottom and a one finger trigger and a three/four finger release lever (for safety) on the top to allow for secure and instant changes in height. I would never use another tripod as all the others you must unlatch or unscrew the locks. Imposably slow and ackward compared to steping on the bottom tab with your shoe and squezzing the trigger and then squezzing the large release all at the same time to instantly adjust the height. it also locks very tight with no slipping.

But as you can see these Sigma's are too heavy and too large for an easy day of photography. I actually use a wooden wagon with air inflatable rubber tires to cart the tripod and lenses and cameras when I use this gear usually with a big heavy 1DsMkII or 50D. I use a full gimbal head that you can balance these lenses and camera so perfectly that you only need your pinky finger to move the camera and lens to a new subject. Still all this is complicated and large and heavy. No fun. The aluminum cases for these lenses are large and heavy and are requires for transport using a car in order to protect these lenses. A new 800mm f/5.6 is over $8,000 these day's, and the new 500mm f/4.5 Sigma's are around another $5,000. Canon is even more expensive!

Enter Olympus m4/3 OMD E-M5 and my proposed smaller m4/3 Supertele lenses and you have a system that invite's hand held photography---at long last.

I will go so far as to say that a new PEN (E-P5) with a built in EVF and the 5-axis I.B.I.S. will also be able to use these same lenses and get the same results, but it will be an even smaller kit.

This may take a while, remember Canon and Nikon have had around 25 and more years to get their lens line up as full as they are today. I think Olympus will do much better than they ever did and we can have some of these lenses within 2-3 years, maybe sooner. We can talk about the wide and normal primes as well if anyone wishes. I think Olympus is already on a good path with these small m4/3 primes as well.

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