5D III ISO 125 Raw - LR4 Deep Boost

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Indoor vs. Daylight?

I shoot with a 7D and a Sony NEX-5N is my "other camera."

I only mention that because I've gotten used to the lack of any noticeable banding on the 5N images at any ISO regardless of PP shadow pushes. Sony sensors don't seem to band at all... period. All Canon DSLRs I've ever shot with since my old 20D can band with PP pushes to a lesser or greater extent.

Having said that, what I find most flawed about the test above is not so much the quality of the exposure but the quality of the light.

Maybe one of the premiere tech guys here can correct me if I'm wrong but white-balancing a shot lit with ambient indoor light is already a blue channel push... The blue channel in the 5D3 shot is pushed much more than the outdoor D800 shot despite similar the LR4 shadow slider settings.

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