Been trying out the X10...

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Re: Been trying out the X10...

Amin Sabet wrote:

Wayne N. wrote:

Obviously you are aware of the orb issue, which seems to be a big enough issue that many have returned their X10's. I am surprised that it would not have caused you any hesitation. Or are you not concerned about it because Fuji has promised to address it? Just curious.

Wayne, as I stated a few posts up, I don't want to express my full opinions about the orb issue in this forum because any opinion other than "it's defective, Fuji never should have released it, Fuji took too long to address it..." is met with a flurry of personal attacks and drama.

My opinion of this camera, taking everything into account, is expressed in the first post of this thread and would be exactly the same without any promise from Fuji to address anything.

Thanks. It wasn't clear from you original post that you were taking orbs into consideration. You were, and you still feel as positive about the X10 as you do, so I appreciate your opinion (and will be looking forward to your review, which hopefully will at least acknowledge the orbs).



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