Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

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Re: Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

28to70 wrote:

We are hardly out of Iraq yanisha. We still have plenty of mercenaries and the biggest embassy in the world. Iraq has been turned into a troublesome client state.

I sympathize with your post, but Obama as I recall was completely against the wars, and his campaign was mostly an anti war one, in order to appease and garner the liberal voters.

Obama always stated that we belonged in Afghanistan, and had no business in Iraq. As it happens, he wanted to keep up a military presense in Iraq as well - So he lied all the way around...

Nothing wrong with that, as most Americans were by then thoroughly disgusted with both wars. Oh, don't forget that he also promised to shut down Guantanamo. Really.

Recall as the new leader came out of the klieg lites with Michelle and kids in tow as the new anointed saviour of the nation. I was surprised that for special effects they didn't have fog machines going so as to have them sort of coming out of the clouds in heaven!

Reality set in as he was led into his puppet masters (banksters) and told exactly what to say, when to say it and where to say it. How do I know this? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that the power and the money belongs to the banking overlords who control the universe. They hold the gold. They are truly the architects of fear.

Obama meant well. I even fell for some of his promises. But the fact remains that if he wants to keep his brain positioned within his skull, he better toe the line and do exactly what the power elite tells him to do and guide us peasants into an economic disaster.

I don't know what you mean by "meant well." Obama campaigned as a left Liberal, and has has been running his administration as a left "Republican." He has followed the Bush foreign policy to the letter. Mr. Bush tripled the number of Americans in Afghanistan before he left office, and Mr. Obama doubled them again - But neither Bush nor Obama changed the fundamental flaw of our strategy; i.e. backing an Islamic Fundamentalist, whose primary difference with the Taliban is that he's corrupt past rationality. I finally changed my mind about backing this war back in 2009, when Mr. Karzai openly stuffed ballot boxes, revealing to the world and his people that his only interest was money. Mr. Obamas reaction to the above was a shameful endorsement of Karzai. Which amounts to a defacto endorsement of defeat.


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