85/1.4 at the Zoo

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Re: 85/1.4 at the Zoo

jeffsvisions wrote:

great photos. Lens looks to be really good would love to have one. But I can't seem to justify spend the money until I feel that Samsung is really serous about the camera business

True, at the moment. I find it sad that that expensive lens doesn't have reselling value almost at all (at least in my country, but guess it is not much better anywhere except S.Korea ). It really is up to IQ of the best such lenses from other brands.

But life is too short. You just have to make decisions and live with them. I have that 60mm lens, and don't regret one second even though I know it doesn't have reselling value, but it has A LOT of photographic value.

And, such lenses would not exist if Samsung would take the business lightly. Delay is a delay, that happens with other brands too. But it doesn't happen in one or two years that Samsung gear gains "reselling value" that is on par with competition even if they now would announce the worlds best camera, or like in reality, would announce good competitive cameras and show strong dedication for the NX line.


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