Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

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Re: Confused reasoning...

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

The reasoning was as follows:

  • Olympus overstates ISO

  • As a result, it gives cleaner pictures at a stated ISO

  • This is cheating.

DPR debunk this allegation of cheating, by saying that lighting has been changed in the studio set-up, and that the lower light intensity being compensated by longer exposure shouldn't influence the noise test.

Instead of just accepting this, Raisted than says that longer exposure does influence noise; it gives more noise. I say, if that's the case, then instead of cheating, the Olympus is at a disadvantage compared to the others.

So, what the H3ll are we talking about? Maybe I am confused about who argues for what. But I am not confused about the logics of reasoning, unlike some others. I'm simply astonished at the amount of flack that DPR are getting on the m4/3 forum for publishing test shots of a m4/3 camera that make it look great.

. . . Well said Bilgy. And this thread has just about run it's course at least for most of us I'm thinking. The OP is apparently still trying to find some traction but he's infamous for never admitting defeat over at the Oly DSLR forum. Reminds me of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Frankly, this has gone a bit too far. A scientific theory, we should all know, should not only be simple and elegant, but also applicable.

As digital wizardy develops it is less and less so. Small sensors show they can control noise more and more like FF ones. So people cry foul & treason. What does it matter if the next ISO stop ias as clean as the former? For the E-M5 it is certainly so up to 1600 ISO, perhaps even 3200.

Moreover we know that DxO meaasures the sensors from the white point, whereas many makers from their chosen greypoint, so who is right, when most don't use the same standards?

DxO is really used as a weapon to silence dissenters but it is the less applicable standard to real world cameras.

Therefore my criteria is only to observe noise: if it gets better in a camera by two stops, it will be better than one stop difference of exposure, and if it gets better by one stop, it will still be more than 1/3 different exposure.

That I take is what has happened with the O-M5, so that the old smearing system towars Oly doesn't work anymore.

Persevering in this therefore is more akin to a misplaced superiority complex, than to reality. In the end we are not dealing with gear anymore, but with mental cases.


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