In need of SLR help!

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Re: In need of SLR help!

I'd recommend getting the Pentax K-5. Great camera on a par with the Canon 60D/ Nikon D7000 (the Pentax actually came out on ahead of both here on DPReview) and available at very competitive prices. There are plenty of lenses to meet your needs, especially if you include independent lens manufacturers such as Sigma

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Unless you have no shred of decency, you should not try a camera out somewhere and then purchase it online to save money. This is the same as robbing the brick-and-mortar store because it costs them something to be able to present the cameras to you for your evaluation and they don't recoup this if you buy online.

I am a steadfast customer of my local camera store because I want them to continue to be my local camera store.

What sanctimonious twaddle! I don't necessarily advocate buying the cheapest, you need to balance price v. customer service. I'm all in favour of shopping locally whenever possible but they need to at least be competitive on price. If I find a significantly cheaper price online I would always tell my local shop and give them the chance to try and match it. I don't mind paying a small premium for buying local and if they can come close then great, but if not then I'll buy from a reputable online dealer with a clear conscience.

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