Why did Obama insist on making Afghanistan a big war?

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yanisha wrote:

I just don't get it. Bush sent a relatively small number of the U.S military into Afghanistan along with military from other UN members with the intention of routing al Qaeda there. Done. After that was accomplished they stayed, but it was a backburner war with few casualties just trying to keep al Qaeda from reestablishing themselves there.

And by reducing troop levels to less than 20K, he allowed the Taliban to reconstitute itself and take over half the country.

He choose as our puppet a discredited hack named Karzai, and associated Dope Dealers, who rapidly taught the population that even the Taliban was better than this.

Obama, maybe for psychological reasons related to growing up without his father, had to somehow prove that he was a macho guy so he insisted that Afghanistan must be a full-blown war with lots of killing, blood, hate, terror, misery and he was the guy to make it so.

You have access to better drugs than I do...

Well, he did. With the cheering of his party and his partisans right there with him. He dramatically increased the number of military there and turned the war level up several notches. What a mess. How could Obama be so ignorant of history? Afghanistan is known as the Graveyard of Empires. Didn't he and his advisers know anything about the Muslim sensibilities there? Didn't they know anything about the savage tribalism there? Didn't they know any history? Didn't they know the experience of the Soviets there? They just rushed in without thinking in order to prove their manhood and so that Obama could impress and outdo his dead father.

I stupidly thought that Obama would recognise the complete failure of the Bush administration and would do a 180 in policy. Getting rid of Karzai, and turning to the secular forces of Afghanistan. From the Monarchial Right to the Socialist Left, these were people committed to opposiing religious fundamentalism. Mr. Bush had relegated them to obscurity, and the fixed elections of Karzai prevented them from taking parliamentary power.

Iraq was a mess, but fortunately the U.S. is out of there. Bush got America in, but he also got America out with the negotiated withdrawal he did before leaving office. Bush may have made a big mistake in going into Iraq, but he didn't have recent history screaming right in his face making it clear that he shouldn't do it.

Just all the experts from the political to the military who opposed it. And whose voices the Corporate Liberal media refrained from publisizing

Obama after being against Iraq and seeing what a mess it became and with the Iraq experience screaming, screeching, clawing right in his face then perversely and inexplicably decided to turn Afghanistan into something similar or even worse. You've got to question the IQ and mental stability of someone like that, I think.

Unlike Iraq, we had a moral and political RIGHT to defend ourselves from future attacks by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Why Mr. Bush changed this to a so called War of Liberation is beyond rationality. It's like saying that we went to war against Germany and Japan to liberate these countries - We didn't. We occupied them because we beat them at their own game - And the same hold true of Afghanistan. That we actually choose to turn the country over to spiritual allies of the Taliban was one of many mistakes that Mr. Bush made.

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