NEX OVERHEATING:It's Time to Ask Sony

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NEX OVERHEATING:It's Time to Ask Sony

[see the latest test results here]

After numerous tests and re-tests my conclusions are the following:

There are ways (some more obtrusive than others) to lower the surface temperature of my NEX.

None of these methods individually or taken together modify the following, essential characteristic of my NEX:

From cold the camera will heat up, display the thermal warning, and then may or may not make it to the 30 minute mark (at which point the camera reaches its maximum 30 minute segment record time.).

If the camera records to the 30 minute mark, then trying to record again immediately will result in thermal shutdown after a few minutes.

If in either case, if one allows the camera to cool for 4 to 5 minutes, then the camera may record one or two more additional 30 minute segments (allowing for cool down in between), most often without displaying any warnings, even though the recorded surface temperature is well above the point where shutdown previously occurred.

The best strategies for increasing the chances of making it to the initial 30 minute mark are, in order of effectiveness:

  1. Use the Sony 32 GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo Media

  2. Use the AC adapter instead of the battery.

The following offer only marginally small improvements to cooling and/or record time.

Keep the LCD open and use a small, portable fan.

Remove the rear label and apply heat sinks and use a fan.


Yes it's true that the NEX is sold as a still camera, and what a great still camera it is. And yes it's true that one might regard the video functions as a kind of "bonus" feature that is a "nice to have," but not worth too much time and attention if they don't work exactly as expected. Although I do not agree with these assertions, even if I did, I would still find fault with my camera as is. Here's why.

The behavior of the camera is paradoxical.

  1. Why does it report thermal distress at temperatures that seem far below temperatures at which it will later operate with out a fuss?

  2. Why does it not report thermal distress prior to shutdown at higher temperatures?

  3. Why does the camera's surface temperature continuously rise in spite of serious counter-measures?

  4. Why does using the Memory Stick format seem to reduce the operating temperature?

It seems to me that even if the essential characteristics of the camera cannot be altered, some practical changes would make the camera more usable:

Determine if the thermal distress indicator is functioning correctly.

Ensure the thermal distress indicator functions consistently.

Determine if the camera triggers thermal shutdown appropriately.

Provide guidance on maximizing record time (Examples: Memory Stick, AC adapter, waiting periods between recordings).

Add a countdown timer to recording (from 30 minutes) so that users know that there is a maximum record time independent of card size.

Improvement on these items would make camera operation more predicable and the user experience more enjoyable.



It's time for Sony to acknowledge this as an issue and work toward a solution. I intend to send these comments to Sony in a letter. I urge others to do the same or to simply file a question with Sony customer support.

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