D800=M9 resolution-- raw pictures

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Re: nugat....

The question is "can we believe what we see"?

Obviously Mr Puts either mixes up his labels or describes them opposite to what is visible with a naked eye.
So why you choose one picture over the other from Mr Puts?
And which one is true?

For others to compare the "other incriminating evidence" from Mr Puts, the ones "which I somehow chose not to use".
One crop is supposedly much superior, showing the resolution limit.
Which and why?

PhillyFotog wrote:

nugat wrote:

And now look at the pictures , eg. print on the comb and the lipstick on the left.
What do you think?

I think that's a well over-exposed image for the D3X. But the image berfore that one, of the fabric (which you somehow chose not to use ? Hm), shows the color shift and res limits of the M9 vs the D3X. Readers who visit the site will plainly see.

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