Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

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I say BigGa has a point here….

Andy Westlake wrote:

Big Ga wrote:


At the moment, it seems you can't look at an ISO6400 file from one camera, compare it with an ISO6400 image from a different model, and simply by looking at the test results, work out how the cameras are actually going to perform in real life when you have to take shutter speed into account.

No, this is the whole point I've been making. This is exactly what our samples allow you to do (but you do need to note our ISO test results for the cameras you're comparing).

The problem here Andy is that if the cameras do have different sensor sensitivity having variations on the exposure (ISO, aperture or shutter speed- take your pick) to get the same result means that as a photographer you are indeed dealing with a different ISO across the different cameras.

Maybe you are both saying the same thing now that I think about it because of your last paragraph but the test sure comes across as if you could just do a straight forward comparison. If one camera is running low (you guys already mentioned the EM-5 is like 1/3rd of EV) on the ISO, and say the Nex -7 - someone else pointed out- is running 1/3rd of a stop more sensitive, then this affects what parameters you have to set in the real word.

A camera that requires ISO 3200 to do the same shot an ISO 2000 camera would require, would certainly push its ISO need higher and thus image quality would potentially suffer more. If what you are saying by the last paragraph is that then people need to make sure to verify the ISO testing along with this other test, honestly, how many people you see doing that? All they are doing is doing a straight forward ISO matching/setting and saying "hey, this camera does bad" , "Hey, this camera does better than… as good as…"

And quite frankly the test as presented certain encourages such methodology. Maybe I misinterpreted something, I welcome any clarifications.

Thanks again Andy.

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Andy Westlake

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