Have Canon made a huge mistake?

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Re: i am out of canon till then

What can I say...I'm a Canon fan but the price of the latest 5DMkIII is a real disappointment.

The 500 diff - you can get extras eg. grip, etc.

Had always wanted to go full frame....so the Nikon D800 might just be what I need.

I can see Canon losing potential full frame upgraders...and NIkon taking over top spot.

webrunner5 wrote:

I am a Canon guy. Have been for years. But the new Nikon D800 is going on my list.

The reason is I don't see me outgrowing the D800 for a long time. And with the 1.5 crop factor if I want to do birding I am in a really getting 2 cameras in one at 16MP.

If I by the Canon MkIII I am probably going to be happy also, until, and you know there will be a until, Canon comes out with a 32 or 39MP camera to compete with the D800. So then I will have bought a camera that I want to upgrade for in a very short period of time. And I will lose a bunch of money updating to it.

There are a lot of people on here saying, Oh well I don't need all that MP's. But I bet the same people would be laughing at every Nikon guy if the MKIII had been 39 MP and had say 5fps like it was rumored. And been happy to have had it. Could have always used sRaw.

I am done buying $3000.00 + camera bodies every 2 to 3 years. Unless you make some pretty good money anymore with one, being a hobbiest in this ecomonic climate is harder to do every year. I think to me Nikon has made my dream camera. I have been shooting for over 40 years and hardly ever need over 3 to 4 fps to shoot anything. This, I have to have 10 fps crap is just crazy unless you are shooting pictures of bullets or something like it for the average person.

I am not throwing the Canon MKII under the bus. It looks like a fine camera, but I am not going to pay Canon for 2 new bodies now and one in 6 months when they make one to compete with the D800. Canon got caught with there pants down both on MP and pricing. They have lost me as a customer.

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