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BobYIL wrote:

A comparison between the M9 and the D800 based on two small pictures is futile, misleading. In a comparison test between the D3x and the M9 by the "chief trumpetist" of Leica, Erwin Puts, he admits that the D3x is sharper and having more resolution than the M9. I believe you're not going to argue now that the D3x being sharper than the D800..
Read on:

"Two small pictures" --I am not sure what you mean. IR raw files are there for everybody to reach, I developed them in full size and they are here to pull in full size.

(be careful because some pundits here and their exegetes say these IR pictures are wrong to start with)

As for Puts--I love him with all the idiosyncrasies and buy his books . Indispensible for any Leica collector. But when you look at the D3X/M9 comparisons he placed in this quoted review I don't really know what to think. Maybe you tell me.
The most critical of M9 pictures (see below) he commented:

"The third example shows the limits again. The M9 and D3X are very close, but the Nikon images are somewhat cleaner and a tad crisper. Careful post-processing can minimize the differences."

And now look at the pictures , eg. print on the comb and the lipstick on the left.
What do you think?

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