Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

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Re: Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

Andy Westlake wrote:

panos_m wrote:


Shutter speeds have absolutely minimal impact on noise.

To quip a bit- this depends at what shutter speeds you are talking about. I will agree with you at 1/640, 1/1600, 1/3200 it would be minimal. I don't buy once you are hitting 1/30 vs 1/15, and below that's true and dark noise subtraction of the camera won't help you in a range until you get to 1-4 seconds shutter speeds.

But fair, it's not what is going on here.

If you shoot the same scene at ISO100 1/125sec F16 and ISO100 1/2000sec F4 you really won't see any difference in the noise. To me this is so self evident from everyday shooting I'm actually quite surprised to find myself typing it here. Then again, I did spend several years of my life testing lenses, so I guess have a bit more experience of this than most.

DxOMark's ISO measurements are fine in their own way - they provide a logical framework for DxOmark's own particular method of RAW data comparison. They just bear no relation to our tests based on SOS ISO - the two simply don't intersect. You can't say our ISO tests are wrong because DxO's are different, and you can't reinterpret our data based on DxOMark's measurements. The two testing regimes just use entirely different methodologies.

But there is one problem with the test presented here that DXo's methodology does catch - this particular test the cameras performance seems better than real world low light scenarios. If the intent is to show how camera ISO and noise reduction work, I find that DXo's analysis highlights better how sensors data is really mapped to the dynamic range as to get crushed shadows or better highlights.

So I think in terms of showing the JPEG engine, it's better. In terms of showing what you will be able to do ISO wise with each camera in a real life lower light situation (one of the situations where you would like to crank that ISO), it will show cameras doing a bit more equal along each other than the real world will bear.

This because of the light intensity and I don't mean because of the difference that was there between the EM5 shot and the other cameras. I mean it in general for both.

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