75mm 1.8 filter size?

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Re: 75mm 1.8 filter size?

67mm seems pretty large, from the photos I've seen its barely larger than 50mm 1.8/1.4's for most DSLRs, so 49-55mm (excluding the sigma 50mm which looks like a significantly larger lens than the 75/1.8).

- looks like that says 55mm or 58mm

- not a large lens at all

Just think of:
Zuiko 55mm 1.2 - 55mm thread
Zuiko 50mm 1.2 - 49mm thread
Zuiko 85mm 2.0 - 49mm thread

It would be out of character for olympus to use a large filter thread on such a small lens.

Jogger wrote:
prob 67mm

HatWearingFool wrote:

I'm planning on buying a high quality variable ND filter to use with the fast primes currently available for m4/3rds. I want to get one that is large enough to use with all lens through stepper rings. I think I'll pick up the Oly 75 eventually and so I would like to plan ahead, but can't find any information online about what size of filters it will take.

Anyone understand lens design well enough to make an educated guess? How large should I go to be safe?

So far:
Oly 12 = 46mm
Oly 17 = 37mm
Panasonic 25 = 46mm
Oly 45 = 37mm
Oly 75 = ??mm

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