If 45/1.8 is so small, can't we have a 45/1.4 or faster still reasonably small?

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Re: It's funny that you say that...

I'm not noticing any off-focus issues with this image, at least not when enlarged to the maximum size when viewing a thread. The focus seems to be on the baby's eyes and is sharpest in that plane (mother's blouse, baby blanket). It's a nice shot and nice use of shallow DOF.

Great Bustard wrote:

John Mason wrote:

By the way, this was shot with a 5d2 in Live View mode. PDAF with this lens when near wide open is very hit or miss on the Canon. But cdaf on the Canon is slow. The 45 1.8 looks like it's going to be a dream to use and with the 5 stop IS.

...'cause I've not heard anyone complain about the AF of the 85 / 1.2L, except to say it's slow (very slow -- like a macro lens) if the focus has to travel a lot. But, also like a macro lens, I've heard that the focus is quite accurate.

Myself, I use the 50 / 1.2L, and there are lots of complaints about the AF of that lens. What happens is that when framing tightly and using the center AF point stopped down, there's a focus shift from the focusing phase (focusing is always done wide open at f/1.2) and the capture phase (the lens stops down to the preset aperture when the shot is taken). However, using an off-center AF point solves that problem, although off-center AF points aren't so good in low light.

In the case of your photo, if the focal point was the baby's face, I notice it's off-center. So, it seems likely that the missed focus was due to a focus-and-recompose error, or an off-center AF point missing the mark, as the light seems not to be the best at 1/80 ISO 1600.

Even more of an issue would be if the woman had been rocking the baby, but I think just the focus-and-recompose or use of an off-center AF point would be enough to explain it.

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