D800 and 5DMkIII

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The D800 is the new 5D

Remember the excitement you felt when the 5D2 was announced? Remember the thrill the first time you wrapped your hands around that body? You couldn't believe the amount of detail captured with all that resolution, in a DSLR body no less. And what unbelievable performace for such an amazing price!

Well, now its Nikon's turn with the D800. It is what everyone was hoping the 5D3 would have been. It generates the same unbridled excitement of performance in a DSLR body at an amzaing price.

The 5D3 is more of a small evolution. You finally get a pro level focusing system. The resolution stays pretty much the same. The 2 stop improvement is merely a faster processing chip that can handle real time software noise reduction on jpg images for those not inclined to shoot RAW. And a few other minor things along with an incredible $800 INCREASE in cost. And you thought electronics always give you more performance for less money.

I shoot Canon, and with the glass I have it would be quite a chore to switch camps. But give Nikon credit. They've generated the next standard in DSLR performance at an amazing price point. All the excitment, lust, and demand is what Canonites had hoped the 5D3 would generate.

This time, the Nikonites get their day in the sun. Congrats.

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