Worth upgrading from Kx to K5 for a long trip?

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Re: Worth upgrading from Kx to K5 for a long trip?

baileyb wrote:

Reasons I'm not sure it's a great idea:

-Won't have time to get know the camera before the trip starts

I think that would be the most important reason now not to upgrade before your trip. I just upgraded to the K5 from a KX and it does take some time to learn the new camera, and I have missed some shots.

That said, upgrade as soon as you can because you do get more dynamic range and the K5 feels more like and extension of you the photographer than the KX (I do love my KX and it will remain my back up, but the K5 is better). I have the Sigma 17-70 and it has been my go to travel lens. It has slightly better IQ than my 18-135, but the 18-135 is WR and that's why I bought it. Over all I've been happy so far with the 18-135, and as you can see by looking around on this forum many people are getting great shots with it. The 18-135 is also a lighter in weight, but it does not have a zoom lock.

The K5 is heavier but I use a neoprene strap from Kata and it does a good job of keeping me comfortable while carrying the camera around for a few hours.

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