Dynamic Range (Bill Claff): d3s-d4-d800e-5d3

Started Mar 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
ianimal Senior Member • Posts: 1,054
DR very disappointing for all at high ISO

Above ISO 12.800 the dynamic range is very disappointing, how strange.
I only shoot at ISO 12.800 or above, even in sunshine.
If the DR curve had been in the opposite direction (large DR for high ISO)
I would be more happy.


People are writing so much about high ISO performance here at dpreview.com
but less about dynamic range at high ISO. I guess people have different needs,
and maybe not better dynamic range at higher ISO speeds?

For me large dynamic range at low ISO is most important, not ISO million++
So I welcome the some better dynamic range performance in these
latest sensors.

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