5D2 Fashion / catwalk shots for cc

Started Mar 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Lens choice is fine

Lens choice is fine. Actually the 70-200 is seen quite a lot on fashion shows. Or longer lenses (400mm) to get the models when entering the stage to get a cleaner background.

Faster lenses are in deed troublesome, since the smaller DOF makes it almost impossible to get a lot of in focus pictures (the AF is tricked by the clothes dangling around, and the models are walking quite fast)---at least not as many as if sticking to smaller apertures. Indeed I myself use f4-f5.6 and rather crank up ISO (1600) on good lit catwalks. And so did all those surrounding me (at least those I talked to).
But, as others stated, your WB is of.

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