Nex with new pentax pancake 40mm f/2.8?

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Re: Nex with new pentax pancake 40mm f/2.8?

davidstock wrote:

All a matter of personal taste, I guess. No point in insisting that only one way is best for everyone. Options are good.

I agree, although I'm now a bit puzzled why in your earlier reply you actively attacked my opinions about the Pentax 40 on a NEX rather than simply presenting a different point of view.

The differences between, say, a Limited 40mm plus adapter and a Voigtlander 40/1.4 with adapter on an NEX are slight to nothing in weight, with the Voigtlander setup weighing just a tiny bit more. They are reasonably close in length (even closer if you use lens hoods, since the Pentax hood is exceptionally compact). They both have good optical quality, with multiple arguments for and against things like focus feel and specific image attributes that appeal or not.

The Nokton is also a full two stops faster, despite still being smaller of the two.

Do you like the rangefinder focussing feel? Lean towards the rangefinder lenses. Do you like focussing close? Lean towards the Limiteds--they get much closer.

Or do what I did and use a PEN-F 38/1.8 which does both - and is over a stop faster than the Pentax while remaining significantly more compact.

Choice is good.

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