Olympus OM-D (EM-5) comparison samples are now.. (continued)

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Re: Andy...Big Ga's comments is spot on it seems....Re: No, no, no

Thomas_A wrote:

gianlucaficociello wrote:

Nex7 have + 1/3 ev attested in your reviews

E-m5 have -1/3 ev attested in this preview

Side by side those camera's may have same aperture and shutter speed but not same iso

Is it the same to say that both cameras will expose slightly incorrect using the same ISO (under or over-expose by 1/3 EV), but still both are within the ISO specifications of + - 1/3 EV?

I only know that with nex7 I can get iso 3200 - f5,6 - 1/200s when maybe with e-m5 the same exposure it's reached at iso 5000 - f5,6 - 1/200s, and this, according for the only mesurement here at dpreview.

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