Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

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Re: Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

MrBert wrote:

Kilrah wrote:

One possible "hack" is to open the popup flash, which will allow Live View (use the Focus check one of course) to gain up, do your adjustments, close the popup flash and shoot.

This does not work the adapter is blocking the popup:(

I actually tried to see how far the pop up hast to open before the rear LCD brightens and that is almost complete open so my current adapter is always in the way:S

I also checked with my minolta 3600HSD flash and the flash has to be switched on.

This really is a bit of a bummer:( Because one of the reasons for a tilting rear LCD is that I some times want to shoot frog perspective in low light studio(flash) situations.So it looks I need to build an X contact into my 3600 and disable the real flash somehow

as a workaround or maybe there are compatible flashes with an X output where one can manually control the power of the flash so that this woul be very low?

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