Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

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Re: Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

Kilrah wrote:

The problem is that the A580 doesn't have the option to allow disabling exposure simulation that the A65 and A77 have.

OK you mean that with the SLT camera's the EVF is always bright? Also in manual exposure like I do now? That would be a big advantage but then I do not understand why this does not operate the same on the 580?

when I look at this threat wit EVF it is the same
which is actually even worse. With the OVF I can at least see what I am shooting
Or am I mistaking here?

With your studio flash that I presume is fed through a non-Sony adapter or controller, the camera does not know there is a flash attached,and thus shows you the view of what a shot with your aperture and speed but with no flash would be, i.e. very dark.

That is right the 580 does not have an X contact output so I have a hotshoe converter which I slide on the hotshoe that has the contact. Are there adapters that will tell the 580 there is a flash connected? is there some signal telling the camera there is a flash? Could I fake that signal? Electronics is not a big deal for me;)

One possible "hack" is to open the popup flash, which will allow Live View (use the Focus check one of course) to gain up, do your adjustments, close the popup flash and shoot.

This does not work the adapter is blocking the popup:(

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