Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

Started Mar 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Manual focus/focus check live view in dark places

Trollmann wrote:

Using FOCUS CHECK LV (top plate button) make a BIG difference. If the image is still dim, try using longer exposure times (the image on the rear screen brightens as the exposure time is increased - manual settings migh help). My a580 become a superb night hawk when setting the exposure to several whole seconds.

I am already using the FOCUS CHECK LV and using a studio flash I neet to keep the light from the flash as the main light. that means that viewing with the environment light will be dark with the camera settings. I could change shutter speed before and after focussing but that is pretty cumbersome and prone to errors in handling.
I think that in this mode the camera should alway give a clear image.

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