Best workflow for using iPad without laptop for photos?

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Re: Best workflow for using iPad without laptop for photos?

Erik Magnuson wrote:

jkr77 wrote:

I got the iPad3 yesterday and for the life of me I cant believe there isnt a simple way to Transfer my photos to the pad.

It's called the camera connection kit and will read photos from a SD card or a USB mass storage device as long as it does not draw power from the USB port.

Thanks for the info. Still confused, can I transfer directly from PC to iPad using this "kit". Drag and drop? Or is this strictly for cards/drives with a DCIM folder.. Thus meaning no folder by date support? I have over a TB of files I'd like to selectively put certain files on the iPad not everything.

Using the highly touted iPhoto app it seems very powerfiul BUT you cant even zoom in to 100% to discern the detail of your shots.

You should be able to in iPhoto if the images are copied in full resolution -- I do this on my iPad. There is also a "loupe" that can show 1-1 (press two fingers on an image.)

I'm looking at full resolution files and it does not zoom in 100 % .. Not even close.

You can see JPG and RAW files independently, view the fullsize files (something you can't easy on the iPad), view EXIF, copy from USB key

You can do all of this - you just need the right software (e.g. Photosmith)

copy files around, rename files, copy to and from a harddrive or USB key and much more.

This is what you can't do.

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