5DMkIII and 800D HDR mode - any details?

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Re: 5DMkIII and 800D HDR mode - any details?

raybies wrote:

HDR is heavily processed combination of multiple images, so no way for it to be Raw!

Raw is minimally processed image data using the most DR available from the CMOS in 14bits.

What's wrong with Photomatix?

Absolutely nothing! I use Photomatix all the time.

Photomatix merges these files into an HDR file after NR, alignment, and (optionally) de-ghosting and can be saved as a Radiance HDR or Open EXR file which is what I meant by 'raw' HDR files as they have all of the data and undergo the minimal processing required to merge the data into an HDR file.

That's your starting point for the HDR image and you make all your decisions about how to create your HDR image from that point - so in a sense it is 'raw'.

Once you have your HDR file you can just use that to tone map, or tone compress as you like to get as many HDR images as you want.

The processing you are referring to takes place on the merged HDR file which Photomatix doesn't save unless you are batch processing (or you save the intermediate image). I think you are confusing HDR image with HDR file as HDR files cannot be displayed.

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