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Having both a FF and crop camera, there is no doubt in mine that the 7D provides greater DOF. Diffraction is a bit of a crock (like many things stated on this site!); mostly I use my images for teaching purposes for Powerpoint presentations or for printing in text books at less than six inches across in size. I do shoot regularly at f/14 and above with the MPE65 and for these sizes diffraction effects are just irrelevant. I do own a 24" printer and have printed 7D images out at 24 by around 36, and again diffraction is not noticable.

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Are you sure the 7D provides greater DOF? Diffraction effects limit a crop body to about f/11-12, whereas FF sees degradation starting about f/16-18. Despite the DOF difference in an aperture-to-aperture comparison, in the end, I think it's a wash. I agree regrading magnification, although the 5DMKII does have enough resolution to crop somewhat. That partially offsets the natural magnification advantage of the crop body.

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