Olympus thanks for OMD, next a PEN with built in EVF

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Olympus thanks for OMD, next a PEN with built in EVF

I like the new OMD E-M5 very much, but unless it is pocketable I shall pass and await the future PEN with built in EVF.

The head of Olypmus Camera division last month hinted that a future PEN with a built in EVF is a possibility. So now after purchasing my second PEN the E-PL1 with the VF-2 I also want that future PEN with a built in EVF.

That future PEN shall not be any larger than my E-P1 or E-PL1, but it shall have an EVF.

I absolutly will purchase such an Olympus PEN camera with a built in EVF. Futhermore once I have it I assure you I will then invest in Olympus small prime m4/3 lenses and the 9-18 Zoom as well. After that I will be looking for longer telephoto m4/3 lenses.

I will now be content that Olympus m4/3 is a complete system and it will be worth investing in Olympus m4/3 lenes.They say that for the manufacturers the real money is in the lenses.

I have a Sigma 800mm f/5.6 APO AF lens for my Canon EF mount as well as a Sigma 500mm f/4.5 APO AF lens in Canon EF mount. I also have the Canon 100-400 L all 3 are for birding. I have the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L for portraiture as well as the 135mm f/2L for portraiture. I had 10 Canon "L" series lenses but I am now down to 6 "L" lenses and that number will not change. My Canon 17-40 L is sufficient on my FF cammera for my Landscapes. But I also have the 24L and 24-105L as I am heavily invested in Canon with a 1DsMkII and 4 prosumer DSLR's including 20D and 50D. I am also heavily invested in Nikon Pro gear with the D1H and Kodak SLR/n and 16 lenses. Also in Leica with 9 lenses and an R-D1. Pentax yes them too! From my youth and only 1 DSLR from Pentax. In all my different systems I have over 50 lenses in total. These lenses allow me to get the shot's I want.

So it makes sense to me that once I have the Olympus Camera I want I will purchase the Olympus lenses that I wan't. I am retired now so I must explain that I will not purchase 5 lenses in a month because of money shortages. I will purchase enough lenses to have a top notch Olympus m4/3 system so that Olympus will be my main and most usefull system. I am an avid birder so an Olympus m4/3 500mm f/5.6 is on my wish list. I also do a lot of portraiture so your new 45mm f/1.8 is on my list. Lastly I am an avis Lanscape photographet so your existing 9-18 as already noted is on my list, as well as your new 12mm prime.

Thanks Olympus for making the m4/3 sytem that is both portable and has an extensive lens line up. Just do not forget about the EVF in a near future PEN camera. If the OMD E-M5 fit's into a pants pocket, well then I see not need for my future PEN with built in EVF. Only you know at this time if it does and what your plans are for the future PEN series. The PEN series is my prefered camara out of all that I can think of.
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