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Re: What's the point of IR then?

CaptainObvious wrote:

If I put the pop-up in manual mode, it will show in the final image, so that isn't legit to me... unless I redirect it up to the ceiling somehow.

True. If the pop up fires, it will possibly show up in the picture, even if set to low power. You can try the plastic thingy that sits in the hotshoe and wich is a visible light filter: the IR light still passes, and it triggers slave cells.

What's the point of the system being IR if it's going to use pre-flashes for manual operation?

IR are always emitted. Preflashes are full-spectrum, so they include IR. Slaves cells can be triggered even with the visible light portion filtered. They may be less sensitive when the triggering light is filtered.

and in cls , even if the remotes are set to manual, preflashes are still emitted each and every shot to remind the remotes of the latest instructions. Preflashes are instruction signals: (say: shoot manual one quarter power).

You can wire the camera to one of the flashes and shoot manual flash, simple enough and reliable. If budget allows, you can buy a simple radio trigger to one of the flashes and work wirelessly. The remotes are then triggered by simple slave cells. The SB-800, SB-900 have obviously one built in (use SU-4 m), the SB-26 has one. Dunno about the SB-700. It may need an added slave cell if it does not feature SU-4.

Hope this helps.
Jean Bernier

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