Switching to Nikon, let's talk lenses

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Re: Switching to Nikon, let's talk lenses

This reason exactly.

That and I do use the higher apertures at night time. Yea yea yea, F/8 and be there but sometimes at night or in the city ISO has to dive a little high and like the ability to keep my ISO low.

That and sometimes I've gotten shots that are pretty close to my subjects and when street work is done right with a fast setting it is pretty neat.

Luke Kaven wrote:

wchutt wrote:

Since your primary interest is street photography please explain why you care about fast lenses and AF speed?

For street work with a FX sensor wouldn't the DOF using a 50 mm lens at f 2 to f 4 provide an reasonable compromise between subject isolation and focus? Higher apertures are more common and just make AF performance less important.

AF speed is basically irrelevant for street work. For decades spectacular street work was done using manual focus lenses which are much slower to focus than Nikon's slowest AF-lens combination.

Well, often the f/1.4 lens at f/2 is better than the f/2 lens wide open. I hope Nikon will continue to come out with f/1.8 primes.

AF speed and tracking can only benefit street work. I know most of the great work was done with a hyperfocal setting. But you have the tools to get the focus now as well. This can only be better. The new AF is the best yet.

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