New D3S $4400. Does it make any sense?

Started Mar 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: New D3S $4400. Does it make any sense?

Mark Ewanchuk wrote:

I realize it is a bit of a personal question and depends on what one shoots; however, has the D800 potentially rendered the D3S a poor purchase at that price point?

No, they are 2 diff cameras. D3S is better for sports/high iso/low light applications, it's battery lasts longer, it's better made/ better sealed. It's shutter lasts longer etc.

I am not really interested in the 36MP (happy with 12...) but it is essentially "free resolution" at the D800 price.

Therefore: other than the high ISO performance (largely an unknown on D800 at present...) weather sealing, and extra FPS...does it make any sense to pay $4400 for a new D3S at present?

Musings appreciated...

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